Prosthesis is artificial constructs as a replacement of aeshthetic and functional needs of missing teeth which are lost as a result of various reasons. While trying to regain lost functions of the patient, prosthesis also improve speech impediments and gives a better aesthetic appearance. This gives the patient most of the oral health back but also helps to improve mental health of the individuals.

In modern dentistry there are many types of prosthetics, provided for the selection of patients according to the testimony or his wishes. Types of prosthesis, adequate for use in a given patient may vary according to indications, cost and complexity of the installation.

Prosthesis can be divided into removable and fixed.

In dentistry dentures into the following groups:

Full removable plate dentures;

  • Full removable plate dentures;
  • Partial dentures, which come in several forms:
    • plate prosthesis;
    • immediatprotezy;
    • clasp prostheses;
    • removable sectors or segments of the dentition;
  • Conditionally removable dentures.

Non-removable dentures fixed on the teeth for the long term. This is – single crowns or bridges (several bits), which fixes the doctor on the teeth that need to be pre-obtochit to a specific shape.

The most common orthopedic construction is a metal-ceramics, metal-frame of the prosthesis is made of chrome-cobalt alloy, outside of the prosthesis is covered high strength and aesthetic ceramics.

Along with the cermet is actively used technology of all-ceramic. All-Ceramics, ie crown, which is made of all-ceramic masses, different maximum aesthetics while maintaining a high functional properties required for the chewing and other loads, while having the property of the surface of live shine “, ie Externally, it practically does not differ from the living teeth.Mikroprotezirovanie with tabs is recommended in case of minor destruction of posterior teeth, allowing, if possible, to preserve tooth tissue. Restoring aesthetics front teeth can be done with ceramic veneers – thin straps, which are firmly glued on the front teeth.Bridge – refers to the fixed prosthetic designs, reminiscent of the bridge, which is attached to the teeth with crowns, with the pins, tabs. It can be made of the same materials and on the same technology as the crown. A distinctive feature is the presence of an intermediate part in the form of artificial teeth. It is used to replace one or more missing teeth.Installing the bridge is only possible if the right or left on both sides of the missing tooth still has teeth, which it can be fixed. These abutments stitch, and they set a crown.Very important and increasingly popular in recent years gets prosthesis using as a base for the prosthesis implant surface.

To implement conditional removable prosthesis must be used collapsible design implants. This type of prosthesis is shown in cases where the prosthesis is based only on the implants.Conditionally removable dentures can be metallo or metalloakrilovymi with gingival mask or without it.

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